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Photobiomodulation Reduces Periocular Wrinkle Volume by 30%: A Randomized Controlled Trial


Source: Liebert Pub

Objective: This study aimed to evaluate red and amber light-emitting diode protocols for facial rejuvenation at the same light dose.

Background: The demand for minimally invasive cosmetic procedures to address skin aging has grown throughout the world. In vitro red and amber photobiomodulation (PBM) has been shown to improve collagen synthesis. Meanwhile, red PBM has already been studied in clinical trials; however, a comparison of the use of different wavelengths at the same light dose to reduce periocular wrinkles has not yet been performed.

Methods: This split-face, randomized clinical trial recruited 137 women (40–65 years old) presenting with skin phototypes II–IV and Glogau photoaging scale types II–IV. The individuals received 10 sessions for 4 weeks of red (660 nm) and amber (590 nm) PBM (3.8 J/cm2), one at each side of the face. The outcomes, measured before and after the treatments, were the periocular wrinkle volume measured by VisioFace® RD equipment; hydration measured by the Corneometer CM 825; skin elasticity measured by the Cutometer Dual MPA 580; and quality of life determined by adapted versions of validated questionnaires [Melasma Quality of Life Scale–Brazilian Portuguese (MelasQoL-BP) and Skindex-29].

Results: There was a significant reduction in wrinkle volume after red (31.6%) and amber (29.9%) PBM. None of the treatments improved skin hydration and viscoelasticity. Both questionnaires showed improvements in participants’ quality of life.

Conclusions: PBM, both at red and amber wavelengths, is an effective tool for rejuvenation, producing a 30% wrinkle volume reduction. The technique has strong potential in patients with diabetes or those presenting with keloids, conditions for which highly inflammatory rejuvenating procedures are not indicated.

Complete study can be found here.

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