Quantum Platform Delivers Passive Red Light as an Added Feature

Innovative Platform Changes
the Red Light Game

Passiva has created a biocompatible material that converts ambient light into targeted red and infrared light. Our material is a converter that delivers specific energy from the wavelengths proven to increase collagen, reduce scars, heal wounds, and many other improvements in biological functions. Passiva’s light converting additive is built to be integrated into topical creams, serums, bandages, eyeglasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, minoxidil, and much more.

Passive Light Technology™

Passiva’s PLT Technology works through light conversion  instead of light filtering which diffuses the power of the light wave.  By converting sunlight and other ambient light into the wavelengths associated with phototherapy, while also reducing harmful blue and UV light, Passiva is able to bring the power of red light to everyday products as an additive.

Optimal Bio-Response

PLT additives are tuneable according to the specific needs of each application. The Light Therapy Industry has reproducibly outlined a therapeutic dosage window which PLT products fit into seamlessly.

Multiple Wavelengths

PLTTM additives provide wavelength diversity allowing for a wide array of light therapy applications and are currently able to be integrated into over 30 common polymers used in a diverse application pool.

Simple Yet Effective Applications

Passiva delivers the power of red light into everyday products at the same wavelengths and dosages that powered red light products deliver but as a passive conversion.  Products may achieve enhanced benefits based on the addition of Passive Light Technology*

  • A biologically inert, optical skin cream that increases collagen production, reduces wrinkles, absorbs UV, and can be combined with conventional serums and moisturizers
  • An eyeglass treatment that protects eyes from light damage, reverses recent light damage, and, as a bonus, increases collagen and reduces wrinkles around the eyes
  • A bandage sold by dermatologists to speed healing and reduce scarring in elective facial surgeries (basal cell removal, etc.)
  • Over-the-counter cream or gel to treat hair loss with no side effects or bio-reaction

*Please note that every formulation is different and requires specific testing to determine formulation results.