Red Light on the Go™

Passiva embeds non-powered red light capabilities as an added ingredient in medical, cosmetic, and vision products enabling rapid innovation, impactful outcomes, and brand differentiation.

Every Day Red Light

A Revolution in Phototherapy

Passiva’s biotech platform empowers the integration of red light into medical, cosmetic, and vision products, eliminating the need for additional powered devices.

Our Passive Light Technology enables products to acquire innovative and complementary features through the power of red light, ensuring the best possible treatment and protection of living things across various applications.

Passiva rapidly transforms standard products into unique market leaders that seamlessly fit into users’ daily routines. Our “better together” approach optimizes results and accelerates innovation resulting in differentiated products in crowded markets.

The Passiva Advantage

Integrated, Synergistic Solution

Red light phototherapy has been proven in thousands of studies to improve several indications across the medical, cosmetic, and vision care spectrum. Passiva's cutting-edge platform seamlessly adds passive red light to existing products without changing their look, feel, or consistency.

Passive Light Technology™

Passiva’s technology enhances your products with cutting-edge, biocompatible Quantum Dot additives, that brings the revolutionary benefits of red light to your customers in contact lenses, skin serums, bandages, lotions, and more.

Product and Service Synergy

Passiva’s platform seamlessly empower products and services with passive red light technology to amplify effects and extend outcomes resulting in increased value and customer satisfaction.

Rapid, Cost-Effective Innovation

Passiva can help transform OTC and specialty offerings alike by incorporating groundbreaking technology that adds differentiated value, creating unique and high-performance products so you stand out in competitive markets

Leverage a Trending Market

Capitalize on the surging popularity of red light treatments by incorporating Passiva’s innovative technology into your products, enhancing their performance and elevating your market presence.