Light Therapy
Without Limits

Patent-pending quantum nanoparticle platform delivers passive phototherapy that transforms the growth, healing, and preventative capabilities for living things as an additive in everyday products

Every Day Red Light Therapy

A Revolution in Phototherapy

Passiva offers a revolutionary quantum bio-technology platform that cost-effectively delivers the benefits of phototherapy as an added feature for existing medical, cosmetic, ocular, athletic, agricultural products and much more.  Products obtain multidimensional capability for effective treatment across multiple indications and evolve from commodities to differentiated market leaders.

The Passiva Advantage

Proven Solution

Red light phototherapy has been proven in thousands of studies to improve several indications across the medical spectrum. Passiva's quantum nanoparticle platform adds the therapeutic benefits of red light phototherapy to existing products without changing their look, feel, or consistency.

Phototherapy as a Feature

Passiva has designed and developed a material-based platform that converts sunlight and other ambient light sources into the same therapeutic wavelengths currently used in Red Light Therapy. We have created a light conversion material, not a filter.

Passive Light Therapy

Passiva’s technology passively delivers an inexpensive and convenient red light phototherapy experience whenever it is applied and exposed to light.  The user receives the benefits without being limited to powered panels, masks, etc. so the benefits are readily available no matter where they go.

Broad Application

Passiva’s material can be easily formulated for use in bandages, eyeglasses, contact lenses, creams, and other common applications.

Innovation & Differentiation

Passiva enables your product to rise above the others with a differentiated feature that has profound user benefits across a wide spectrum of indications.